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By Nishca

Carnelian Bracelet 12 mm( Free Shipping )

Carnelian Bracelet 12 mm( Free Shipping )

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Experience the grounding and energizing properties of carnelian with our beautifully crafted Carnelian Bracelet. Known for its ability to enhance courage and vitality, this crystal bracelet is perfect for those seeking a boost of confidence and motivation. Plus, enjoy free shipping on this must-have accessory.


Carnelian Bracelet : 12mm .

  • A stabilizing stone, Carnelian inspires vitality, motivation, and courage and stimulates creativity.  This orange to sometimes deep red stone promotes positive life choices and motivates for success. 
  • Carnelian is useful for learning to trust in yourself and your perceptions and is especially helpful for anyone going through a mid-life crisis. 
  • Carnelian improves analytic abilities and clarifies perception.  It sharpens concentration and dispels mental lethargy.  This stone also the ability to protect against jealousy, anger and resentment.  Calm rage banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life and positive vibes.  
  • Keywords: Stabilizing. Emotional warmth. Creativity. Individuality. Memory. Harmony. Courage. Joy. Self-worth. Rebirth. Past life recall. Fertility. 

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QUALITY : Nish Crystals Collection provides a top quality assortment of hundreds of ethically mined and scourced  gemstones and crystals found throughout the globe.

PACKAGING : This stone comes in a protective  bag for extra protection as well as easy storage and handling.

Please note that individual stones within the Nish Crystals package are unique and will all differ slightly .

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