Collection: Blue Celestite Specimen

Named after the Latin word for sky, Celestite is aligned with the higher chakras and said to help you attune to the higher realms while keeping your feet on the earth. It is said to spread a sense of tranquility and lift the consciousness.


  • Celestite is useful for emotional balance, conflict resolution, and dysfunctional relationships, and providing calmness.
  • This Celestite cluster is from Madagascar and displays a beautiful pale blue. The heavenly colour lifts and revives any space in an instant.
  • Clusters are said to absorb negative energy, replacing it with the calm and balance of celestite gently for a gorgeous crystal gift for you, or someone you hold dear.
  • It opens the throat chakra and is beneficial for public speaking.
  • It features a stunning blue color with intricate details and is sure to make an impressive centerpiece.
  • This specimen is highly sought after for its special vibrations and powerful healing properties.
  • It is the perfect gift for someone special, or to keep for yourself. The Celestine Specimen is unique and eye-catching,

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