Handmade beautiful Crystal Tree with 120 stones and 24 branches .  

Height: 10 inches

Width: 10 inches 

Depth : 6 inches

Weight : 4.0 pounds


The 7 Chakra crystals tree has the crystals listed below:

 Amethyst : For the crown chakra for connection with the divine.

 Sodalite : For the Throat chakra & Third Eye Chakra. To perceive & speak your truth.

 Clear Quartz : To amplify the effects of other crystals.

 Green Quartz : For the Heart chakra to receive and align with love.

 Citrine : For the Solar Plexus chakra, to align with personal power & empowerment.

 Carnelian : For the Sacral chakra to heal the creativity and fertility space.

 Red jasper : For the root chakra to feel safe & protected. Also to connect to the Earth energy.

Trees represent harmony, growth, abundance and intentions of prosperity & wealth.



Because it is 100% natural crystal, it is hard to keep everyone is same, so these may happen:
The size & weight of everyone always is different, it's normal for the difference.
The color may also have some difference with the product, it is normal.
The pictures often look larger than real product,pls refer the product size.
If you mind these,pls don't place an order, thank you for your assistance!


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  • Height: 10 inches

    Width: 10 inches 

    Depth : 6 inches

    Weight : 4.0 pounds